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How to Fix a Bent Laptop Charger?

A bent laptop charger tip can be a frustrating issue, interrupting your workflow and potentially damaging your computer. But fear not! Fixing a bent charger tip is often easier than you think. This guide will walk you through the signs of a bent tip, different methods for fixing it, and preventive measures to avoid future problems.

3 Signs of a Bent Charger Tip

Several telltale signs indicate a bent charger tip:

  • Difficulty charging: If your laptop struggles to charge or intermittently loses connection, a bent tip could be the culprit.
  • Loose connection: Does the charger feel wobbly or easily fall out of the port? This suggests a misaligned or damaged tip.
  • Visible damage: The most obvious sign is physical damage to the tip, such as a bend, kink, or cracks.

3 Ways to Fix a Bent Charger Tip

Before attempting any repairs, unplug the charger and ensure your laptop is powered off. Here are three common methods for fixing a bent tip:

1. Using Pliers or a Screwdriver (with caution)

  • This method requires care and dexterity to avoid further damage.
  • Use small needle-nose pliers to gently grasp the bent metal part of the tip and carefully bend it back into its original position.
  • Alternatively, for specific charger designs, a tiny screwdriver might be suitable for delicate adjustments.
  • Avoid applying excessive force or using tools that could scratch or damage the tip.

2. Straightening the Tip

  • For minor bends, straightening the tip by hand might be enough. However, be gentle and avoid putting stress on the delicate wires within.
  • If the bend is near the base of the tip, support it with your fingers to prevent damage to the internal wires.

3. Gluing the Tip Back Together (for minor cracks)

  • For small cracks near the base, superglue can provide temporary reinforcement.
  • Apply a tiny amount of glue to the cracked area and let it dry completely before using the charger.
  • Remember, this is a temporary fix and might not be suitable for significant damage.

Other Tips for Fixing a Bent Laptop Charger

  • Use a charger with a detachable cord: Opt for chargers with replaceable tips to easily swap out damaged ones.
  • Use a charger protector: Invest in a protective cap for the charger tip to prevent future bending.


By following these steps and exercising caution, you can likely fix a bent laptop charger tip and restore your device to normal operation. Remember, if the damage is severe or you’re uncomfortable attempting repairs yourself, consult a professional. Taking preventative measures like using a detachable cord or charger protector can also save you the hassle of future repairs.

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