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MacBook Pro Screen Flickering? Here’s How to Fix it

A flickering MacBook Pro screen can be incredibly disruptive and frustrating. Don’t panic! Often, simple fixes can resolve the issue before resorting to professional help.

So, here we are about to share the common reasons behind MacBook Pro screen flickering and how to stop it.

Why is My MacBook Pro Screen flickering?

Several culprits can cause a MacBook Pro screen to flicker:

  • Insufficient storage: Low disk space can put strain on the system, leading to display issues.
  • In-app resolution: Some apps might not be optimized for your Mac’s screen resolution, causing flickering within the app’s window.
  • Outdated macOS: Outdated software can contain bugs that affect display performance.
  • Dark Mode and True Tone: While visually appealing, these features can sometimes conflict with certain apps or settings, causing flickering.

Fixing the Flicker – Troubleshooting Methods

Before diving into deeper solutions, try these quick fixes:

Restart your Mac

Oftentimes, a simple laptop restart clears temporary glitches and resolves the issue. So, turn off the MacBook Pro and wait for at least 5 -10 seconds before you restart it. Now, check if the screen is still flickering.

Update your macOS

Ensure you have the latest macOS update installed. Bug fixes in newer versions might address the flickering. You can either update the software manually or turn on the automatic mode. So, get to Settings of MacBook Pro and tap on the Update button.

If the quick fixes don’t work, consider these methods:

Disable Automatic Graphics Switching

MacBooks often have two graphics cards. Automatic switching between them can sometimes cause flickering. Go to System Preferences and select Battery. Finally, uncheck the option “Automatic graphics switching”.

Reset NVRAM and SMC

NVRAM stores display settings, while SMC controls hardware functions. Resetting both can resolve software conflicts. For NVRAM, you need to shut down your Mac, then press and hold Option, Command, P, and R during startup for at least 20 – 30 seconds. For SMC, the process varies based on the model you are using. So, check Apple’s support website for specific instructions.

Prevention Tips

To prevent future flickering, consider these practices:

  1. Clear junk files and downloads: Regularly declutter your Mac to free up disk space and prevent performance issues.
  2. Restart in Safe Mode: This boots your Mac with minimal essential software, potentially identifying conflicting apps causing the flickering.
  3. Seek professional help: If none of the above solutions work, consult Apple Support or a certified technician for further diagnosis and repair.


MacBook Pro screen flickering can be induced by various factors, but fear not! Simple software adjustments and maintenance practices can often resolve the issue. By following these steps and staying proactive, you can relish a smooth and flicker-free MacBook Pro experience.

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