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Laptop Camera Not Working? How to Fix

Is your laptop camera refusing to cooperate? Whether you’re facing a black screen or the camera isn’t detected at all, fear not! This guide will walk you through troubleshooting steps to get your camera back in action.

Possible Causes of Laptop Camera Issues

Several factors can contribute to a malfunctioning laptop camera. Here are some of the most common culprits that we have listed based on different issues.

Software-related issues:

  • Outdated camera drivers
  • Conflicting applications
  • Corrupted camera program files
  • Disabled camera access in settings

Hardware-related issues:

  • Faulty camera module
  • Loose connection
  • Damaged cable
  • Physical damage to the camera

Antivirus conflicts:

  • Some antivirus software blocks camera access for security reasons.

System settings issues:

  • Camera permissions might be disabled
  • Camera access might be restricted for specific apps

Basic Solutions for Laptop Camera Not Working

Before diving into complex troubleshooting, try these simple steps:

1. Restart your laptop:

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary software glitches that might be causing the problem. So, shut down the laptop and wait for a few minutes. Next, start the computer to check if the camera is working properly.

2. Check for a camera switch or button

Many laptops have a physical switch or button to disable the camera for privacy reasons. Ensure it’s turned on. You can also disable the camera wait for a few seconds and enable the camera switch. This would help to remove random bugs.

3. Try a different USB port

If your laptop camera is connected via USB, try plugging it into a different port to rule out a port malfunction. Once you have marked the defective port, you can repair it. Talk to a technician to fix it to avoid any complications in the future.

4. Check system detection of the camera:

Here are two ways that you can follow for Windows and Mac devices:

For Windows

Open Device Manager. Expand Imaging devices and check if your camera is listed. If it’s not listed, the issue might be hardware-related.

For Mac

Click the Apple icon, select About This Mac, and then System Report. Navigate to Camera to see if your camera is recognized.

Advanced Solutions for Laptop Camera Troubleshooting

If the basic solutions don’t work, try these advanced methods:

1. Update the camera driver

Outdated drivers can cause compatibility issues. So, update your camera driver manually or use a driver update tool. You need to go to Settings and then tap on the Update button. If any recent update has been released, it will get downloaded automatically.

2. Roll back the driver

If the camera was working fine with a previous driver version, try rolling back the driver. This will remove all the technical bugs affecting the laptop camera and you get to use it without much hassle.

3. Reinstall the camera driver

Uninstall the existing camera driver and then reinstall it to ensure a clean installation. You need to go to Settings and then click on Camera driver to uninstall it. Wait for a few seconds and follow the same process to install a fresh version of the camera driver.

4. Disable conflicting apps

Some apps might be interfering with your camera access. Close any unnecessary apps or consider disabling them in your system settings. This would stop unnecessary drawing of power and also solve the random glitch.

5. Check for malware and viruses

Run a scan with reputable antivirus software to rule out any malware or viruses interfering with your camera. You can find plenty of free versions in the market but those tend to do more harm than good. So, always go for the paid version to fix the camera error.

6. Update your operating system

Make sure you’re running the latest version of your operating system as it might include updates for your camera hardware. This would also help to fix the minor bugs that might be generated randomly.

7. Check for physical damage

If you suspect physical damage to the camera module or cable, consider contacting a professional for repair. They would either replace the damaged parts or repair the camera, if possible.


With a little troubleshooting, you can hopefully get your laptop camera working again. Remember, if you’ve exhausted all options and suspect a hardware issue, it’s best to seek professional assistance. For comprehensive protection and expert support, consider Asurion Home+.

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