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How to Repair Laptop Hinge — A Step-by-Step Guide

A laptop’s hinge connects the LCD to the built-in keyboard. It ensures the screen units are securely aligned and are not wobbling or shaking. However, the hinges might break if you exert excess pressure while closing the lid. If you don’t repair this unit on time, it could generate screen glitches.

A broken or loose hinge might affect the laptop’s usability and functionality. Thus, you must fix the hinges at the earliest possible. How to repair laptop hinges, by the way? Repairing a laptop hinge is pretty simple. All you need is a screwdriver and the right hinges for the device.

Different laptops have different kinds of hinges between the screen and keyboard interface. Thus, you must first check the device’s model and serial number from settings. Otherwise, you might end up installing incorrect hinges, resulting in display errors.

Easy Steps to Fix the Broken or Loose Laptop Hinge

How to repair laptop hinges? If you have experience in disassembling a laptop, then you must repair the hinge by yourself. However, take an expert’s help if you lack adequate technical skills or experience. Turn off the laptop first and close the lid and check if the hinges are broken. If yes, follow these steps to repair the broken or loose hinges:

Check the Laptop’s Model or Series Number

Finding out the laptop’s model and serial number is crucial for hassle-free hinge repair. If you use a Windows laptop, click the “Start” icon and write “System Information” in the search field. Navigate to “System Summary” when the next window opens. Locate “System model” to check the laptop’s model number.

Press the Windows and X keys together and choose “Command Prompt” from the pop-up menu. Write “wmic bios get serialnumber” and press the Enter button. You will see the Windows laptop series number on the screen. Note the model and series number on the phone’s notepad and close the window.

How to Check the Mac laptop’s Model and Series Number?

Turn on the Mac laptop and access the Apple menu. Select “About this Mac” to get detailed system information including model and serial number. Moreover, you can find these details in the product manual. Scan the Apple laptop’s packing box’s barcode to get the model and serial number.

Get the Right Laptop Hinge

Once you get the laptop’s model and serial number, open the manufacturer’s website. Go to the search box and enter the device-related details. Choose the laptop part that you want to purchase. Provide the address where you want the new hinges to be delivered. Besides, you can also buy compatible hinges from nearby laptop service shops.

Locate the Metal Brushing

Disconnect the power cable from the Windows or Mac laptop. Remove the battery by unlatching the locks. Find out the broken insert for the metal bushing which holds the hinges. Usually, the metal bushings are located on the laptop’s plastic case. Thus, you can’t attach it using any kind of adhesive.

Some manufacturers use glue to stick the metal bushing. However, it can become loose with closing and opening the laptop lid several times. It also increases the chance of cracking the hinge base again. Hence, you should avoid using glue to place the metal bushings on the case to prevent further damage.

Drill a Small Hole and Install the Bushings

You might need to drill a hole if the laptop’s plastic case is cracked. Otherwise, installing the metal bushings might be difficult. However, the plastic case is in a good condition, there is no need to drill holes. Simply, put the metal bushing back in its place and screw it with the right-sized nut.

Install the New Hinges

Screw the new laptop hinges on the repaired metal bushings correctly. Reinstall the battery in the right slot and place the laptop cover. Open the laptop lid and check if the hinges are installed properly. If yes, press the device’s “Power” button to turn on the laptop. Now, check if there are any lines or pixels on the screen.

Are you experiencing screen issues after installing the new hinges? You might have fixed the wrong hinges. Find out which hinges are broken and replace them to solve the problem. The above guide will help you how to repair laptop hinges. However, contact a technician if you fail to detect the faulty laptop hinges.

Type of Hinge Problems the Laptop Users can Experience

The laptop hinges can be damaged by applying constant pressure. You can notice the housing area of its bolts is broken due to excess moisture. Besides, the brass screws holding the plastic holder can break when placing a heavy object on the case. Over time, the laptop hinges can corrode and rust and eventually break.

What Happens When the Laptop Hinges Break?

Many laptop users don’t repair the hinge when it breaks. However, you must fix them immediately to avoid further technical problems. A broken laptop hinge could cause the display to flicker. You might also notice horizontal lines on the screen for a loose hinge. Moreover, the laptop LCD might develop cracks if you don’t fix the hinges on time.

How to Know the Laptop Hinge is Loose or Broken?

The laptop might turn on and off repeatedly when the hinges become faulty. Besides, opening or closing the device’s lid will become much easier. The minimum force that is always required to open the laptop might not be required.

The screen area will wobble when trying to adjust the laptop lid’s position. Moreover, the hinge may become seized up and cause issues to open the device. You might not always notice visible damage on the hinges. If you fail to position the display at 90-degree, fix the hinge immediately.

Here are more signs of a loose or broken laptop hinge:

  • The laptop will make a creaking noise when you try to move the screen
  • You may hear a weird sound whenever you close the lid
  • Expanded plastic screw holes on the laptop case

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Damage?

Hinges are the most susceptible to damage than the screen or keyboard. Thus, you must know how to protect this unit from damage. Avoid opening and closing the laptop lid frequently. Doing this will decrease the chances of breaking the hinges.

Moreover, you might not place anything on top of the laptop. Otherwise, it could cause damage to the hinges of the new device. Users must lubricate the hinges to avoid friction. However, not all types of lubricants can be applied to laptop hinges. Thus, you must contact an expert to know the best lubricant for the laptop.

Here are more tips to avoid laptop hinge damage:

  • Avoid lifting the laptop while holding the screen
  • Never carry the laptop by the lid
  • Don’t exert excess pressure while opening or closing the laptop
  • Tighten the hinge screws if they become loose

What Should You Do If You Find the Hinges Loose or Broken

Laptop hinges can break anytime while closing or opening the lid. Thus, you must be aware of things you must do when such an uncanny thing happens. Otherwise, the other laptop units might be damaged by using the device with broken hinges.

Here is what you should do once the laptop’s hinge breaks:

Don’t Use the Laptop

Stop using the laptop immediately when you find the hinges are broken. Depending on the laptop type, a hinge break could be a minor problem or a catastrophic issue. Moreover, you must disconnect the power and video cables when this issue occurs. Turn off the laptop to prevent experiencing further laptop breakdown.

Fix the Faulty Hinges

If the laptop is already open, don’t try to close it. Otherwise, it can crack the screen and increase repair expenses. How to repair laptop hinges that are defective? You should consider repairing them by watching the D-I-Y tutorial. Besides, you might evaluate the extent of the damage. Ensure the screen has no significant damage after the hinge break. Contact a technician if you find minor cracks on the laptop display.

Check if the Hinge Fix is Viable

Turn on the laptop after fixing the broken or loose hinge. If the device displays a black or blank screen, you might have installed the hinges incorrectly. Try to reinstall the laptop hinge and check if that solves the problem. However, if the error persists, hire an expert for instant recovery.

What will be the Cost of a Laptop Hinge Repair?

Well, you can fix the laptop hinge by spending AED 90 to AED 100 by following a D-I-Y video. However, the hinge price might vary from one laptop model to another. Mac laptops have more costly hinges than Windows laptops. Thus, you might have to spend more to repair the broken hinges of an Apple device.

Do you want to repair the laptop hinge with a technician? The average hinge repair cost will be AED 200 to AED 300. However, the service charge might increase if you own an old laptop. Besides, the laptop’s brand and type also influence the hinge repair price. So, call the expert to get a clear service price estimation.

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