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How to Repair HP Laptop: Troubleshooting Most Common Problems

HP laptops are one of the recommended laptops for both academic and professional perspectives. However, they are electronics too and they might fall victim to technical glitches and physical accidents. Screen flickering, no audio output, not working keys, etc are the most common issues with most HP laptops, reportedly.

If you are looking for how to repair HP laptops then this guide will help you. Here, we have enlisted the most common HP laptop problems and how you can troubleshoot them. Let’s get started on a broken HP laptop repair as per symptoms.

Faulty Keyboard

You might have come across loose or stuck keys on your laptop at least once in a lifetime. If you own an HP laptop and its keys aren’t working properly then accumulated dust and debris can be the culprit. To get rid of this situation, you have to loosen the keycap and clean the affected keys and their surroundings with a delicate brush.

In addition, you might have to replace the keycap or the entire key with a keycap, keypad, and key retainer. Make sure that you clean the area beneath the key with a damp rag or anti-static cloth. Before you decide to replace keys, try pressing those problematic keys firmly. This might work as HP laptop keys are quite robust and efficient.

Moreover, you can spray air from a compressed air can to dislodge dust. Alternatively, you should try updating the keyboard driver or reinstalling it to discard the chances of outdated or corrupt software. As a quick rescue, you can plug in an external keyboard to make sure that the in-built keyboard is defective and needs repair or replacement.

The HP Laptop doesn’t Turn on or Boot

A lot of factors can contribute to such circumstances. Reportedly, a power supply issue or the disconnected power supply unit of the motherboard can cause the laptop not to turn on. Or, it can be simply a power adapter or battery problem. The HP laptop’s battery might have drained totally and that’s why it might not turn on even after pressing the power button.

Therefore, you should plug the charger into the HP laptop and then try to power it on the laptop. Chances are there that the power adapter might have gone faulty if your laptop still doesn’t turn on. Probably, there can be a loose connection in case the display goes on and off repeatedly.

Then, you have to open the screws and check the display unit to look for any loose connections. In case your laptop turns on and it can’t boot the operating system then it’s probably a motherboard issue. On the other hand, we can’t deny the chances of corrupt operating systems or interference with third-party software.

You can try reinstalling the operating system version if the issue exists for a longer period. Besides this, you can also go for expert intervention to confirm whether a motherboard fault is responsible for this particular HP laptop issue.

Problems with HP Laptop Screen

Are you noticing a divided or jumbled display on your HP laptop? Before blaming it on the screen hardware, you should check the GPU unit of your HP laptop. However, there is no way to repair the GPU rather than replace it. Therefore, you have to hire an HP laptop expert to replace the GPU unit and test if the screen turns fine again.

In addition, you might experience screen flickering on your HP laptop’s monitor. Incorrect screen brightness levels might lead to flickering especially when your room’s light is strong enough. You can modify the screen brightness and check if it makes any difference. On the other hand, you can invest in a monitor diffuser or hood on your HP laptop screen.

In addition, you can adjust your room’s lighting or use anti-glare screen protection. Consider wiping the HP laptop screen with a microfiber cloth as dust build-up can reduce the screen’s visibility to a great extent. So, keep cleaning your laptop’s screen if you like to go hiking or carry your laptop outdoors.

In case your laptop screen freezes a lot then prevent the device from overheating. As an alternative, you can update display adapters on your HP laptop. Go to Device Manager and click on Display adapters. Right-click the display adapter you want to update and select the Update Driver option.

However, your HP laptop needs a dedicated repair and replacement if there’s a crack or severe damage. Contact a nearby HP laptop repair centre to repair and replace the LCD or LED panels of your laptop. Only professional screen replacement will offer accuracy and satisfactory performance for your HP laptop screen.

HP Laptop doesn’t Charge

Primarily, it’s a battery-specific issue. Like all other laptops, HP laptops’ batteries power the device when the power plugs are not connected to the system. Start with examining the power adapter or charger you are using right now. In addition, tighten the power adapter’s connections to ensure that everything is OK.

Chances are there that the AC or DC cable might be defective due to mishandling. Thus, you must use the same charger for another HP laptop. If the charger helps in charging the second HP laptop then the issue is with your first HP laptop. Or else, the charger might be defective due to bending or power surges. In this case, you should consider switching to a functional and new charger compatible with your HP laptop.

Your HP laptop might refuse to charge if any of the battery connectors are loose. That’s why you have to check the battery and open it up to inspect its wires. You can hire a professional to check the battery and its connections.

Only professionals can tell you whether the HP laptop battery is dead or not. Typically, a laptop battery lasts for specific charging cycles and approximately two years. Replace the laptop battery if an expert suggests so.

Wi-Fi Connection Incompatibility with HP Laptops

Wireless connectivity can solve clutter issues. You can ditch wires and cables by switching to a Wi-Fi connection near you. HP laptops support Wi-Fi connectivity like any other laptop. However, HP laptop users have complained about erratic Wi-Fi issues from time to time.

If you can’t connect your HP laptop wirelessly to an access point then start by checking the date and time. Change the date and time to the right settings and try connecting to the Wi-Fi setup. Additionally, you can reposition your laptop and router so that the laptop can detect the Wi-Fi signal. Interferences such as appliances, metallic construction, concrete, etc can disrupt the stable connection between your HP laptop and the router.

Troubleshoot the issue with the built-in Network Troubleshooter on your HP laptop. The troubleshooter runs a scan to determine issues and fixes the problem if possible. Update the Windows if the issue persists. Reportedly, incompatibility between network adapters and operating systems can affect the overall networking experience.

As a quick solution, you can use an Ethernet or LAN cable to connect your laptop. Once the HP laptop is able to detect the connection, you can remove the wired option and try discovering the Wi-Fi point. If the issue is still there, then it can be a hardware failure such as an erroneous wireless adapter.

Unresponsive Touchpad of HP Laptop

Both software and hardware failure might be responsible for a problematic touchpad. Apart from this, a dirty or clogged touchpad might become unresponsive. On the other hand, corroded hardware of the touchpad can force the component to behave abnormally.

You should uninstall third-party mouse drivers or applications if installed. Next, you have to inspect whether the issue arises from a hardware or a software problem. Try updating the mice and other pointing device drivers through Device Manager. If this doesn’t work then you might have to uninstall the driver and let the PC install the required driver automatically.

Besides this, you can try cleaning the HP touchpad. Get a soft toothbrush or cloth to clean the touchpad or trackpad. You can use isopropyl alcohol to deal with grime. Make sure that you let dry the touchpad completely before you start using it. Remember that you should not use any other harmful chemicals on the touchpad. Otherwise, it might damage the touchpad.

If nothing works to restore the touchpad functionality then you should go for an expert’s help. The professional technician should be able to repair the defective touchpad and replace it if necessary.

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