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How to Fix Black Screen on Dell Laptop?

The black screen issue is common across laptop models from all brands. And, it might have quite a wide range of possible causes. You might often come across it on your Dell laptop under various circumstances. But, you need not worry about such situations as this issue is not always a serious one. You can fix it in most cases by applying simple steps.

Are you looking for some help on how to fix black screen on Dell laptop? Then, you have come to the right place as we have some effective solutions for you.

You can fix the issue effectively in most cases with the help of the methods listed below.

7 Ways You Can Resolve Dell Laptop Black Screen Issues

Fixing the black screen issue is quite simple once you find out its cause. But since it has many possible causes, you might be confused about which one of them applies in your case. You can simply proceed with the following steps in such cases to get a solution:- 

  • Force the Device to Shutdown

If you see a black screen on startup, it might be a temporary issue in most cases. And, you can always fix such issues by refreshing your Dell laptop’s processes. In other words, you must restart your laptop and see if the issue persists. Only then can you determine whether you need to try out more advanced solutions.

In this case, you need to perform a forced shutdown as a normal one might not work. All you need to do is press and hold down the Power button. Release it only after you see your laptop’s power light turn off.

Have you connected peripheral devices to the laptop? Then, the issue might have something to do with them. So, disconnect all of them before you power on your laptop again. 

  • Restart the Graphics Driver

The repeated black screens on your laptop might often occur due to an issue with the graphic drivers. In such cases, you can simply restart the graphics driver instead of the laptop.

But, how do you restart the graphic driver? If you have not done it before, press Windows, Ctrl, Shift and B simultaneously. This should restart the graphic driver and might fix the problem effectively.

What if the problem persists after you restart the graphics driver? In such cases, a program on your laptop might be causing the issue. And, you can usually fix that by booting the device in Safe mode. 

  • Boot your Laptop in Safe Mode

Does the black screen issue persist after you apply the aforementioned steps? If yes, then it might have occurred due to a third-party application on your computer. In such cases, a Safe Boot can help you access the system and fix the problem.

To do that, you must enter your laptop into Recovery Mode first. Perform a restart on your laptop and press F8 while holding down Shift when the device starts.

Click on ‘See advanced repair options’ and select Troubleshoot. Navigate to the Advanced Options there and open the Startup Settings. Click on Enable Safe Mode, restart, and wait for the laptop to reboot.

Do you get the black screen despite performing Safe Boot? If yes, then you might need professional assistance to fix the problem. And, if you get visuals after performing the Safe Boot, you must proceed with applying a solution. 

  • Update the Graphics Driver

The black screen issue might often indicate an outdated graphics driver. In such cases, only a driver update can fix the problem effectively. You can proceed with that right away if you perform a safe boot. Find the list of graphics drivers in the Device Manager and right-click the one in use. Then, click on ‘Update driver’ to get the latest driver version on your computer.

Restart your Dell laptop once you have updated the graphics driver. You should be able to boot your system the normal way. If you fail to do so, there are other problems than an outdated driver. 

  • Scan for Malware and Viruses

Some malware and viruses can make your laptop screen go black. So, you must make sure whether the problem has something to do with that. Since you have booted into Safe mode, the malicious programs are supposed to be inactive. And, that means you should be able to detect and remove them without facing any problems.

Launch your antivirus and initiate a scan to look for viruses and malware. Get rid of any suspicious files or programs that you come across on your laptop.

Did you start getting the black screen after downloading a certain software? Then, removing that software might fix the issue effectively in your case. 

  • Restart the Explorer.exe Service

The explorer.exe service is an important service running on your Windows laptop. And, any problems with this service might often cause the screen to go black. So, you must consider that as yet another possible cause of the Dell laptop black screen problem.

Go to the Services section on your PC and find the “explorer.exe service running there. Right-click the service and opt for stopping it. Then, wait for a few minutes before you start it again. This should fix the problem if it has something to do with the explorer.exe service. 

  • Connect an External Display to your Laptop

Does the black screen issue persist after the safe boot? Then, you must check whether it has occurred due to a hardware problem. Connect an external monitor to your laptop through the HDMI port. Then, check whether you can get visuals on the other monitor. If you can, then you must contact professionals to fix laptop screen problems.

Get Your Dell Laptop Repaired

There might often be a connection problem between your laptop’s screen and motherboard. As a result, you would see a black screen whenever you boot the device. Your laptop might also have other hardware problems resulting in black screens. Regardless, you would need a professional repair in such cases.

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