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How to Find a Lost or Stolen Laptop?

Misplacing your laptop is stressful. Losing it to theft is worse. Regardless of the situation, swift action is crucial.

This guide outlines steps to locate a lost or stolen laptop, minimize damage, and safeguard future devices.

Immediate Actions

Let’s have a look at the immediate actions.

  • Secure Accounts: Change passwords on all linked accounts used on the laptop, and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Clear Autofill: Remove saved autofill information from browsers.
  • Remote Logout: De-authorize and log out of accounts used on the laptop.
  • Track Location: Utilize built-in tracking features like “Find My Mac” or “Find My Device” if enabled. Share the location with authorities with caution.
  • Finance Security: Contact banks and financial institutions to alert them of potential unauthorized access.
  • Inform Employer: Notify your employer if sensitive work data was stored on the laptop.
  • Report to Manufacturer: Contact the laptop manufacturer to report the theft and potentially block future software updates.

Enhanced Measures with Tracking Software

If equipped with dedicated tracking software like Prey:

  • Lock the Laptop: Remotely lock the device to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Data Recovery: Protect and recover data using the software’s backup features.
  • Wipe Files: Remotely delete sensitive files if recovery is not possible.
  • Session Control: Close active sessions on online accounts accessed from the laptop.
  • Banking Notification: Alert relevant banking services of the compromised device.
  • Extreme Measure: Utilize the “nuclear option” if necessary, wiping the laptop entirely and rendering it unusable.

Measures Taken Without Tracking Software

What to do if you do not have any tracking software? Well, here are the hacks that you should remember.

  • Reach Out: Try calling or texting the lost device, offering a reward for its safe return.
  • Police Report: File a police report with a detailed description of the laptop and any identifying information.
  • Reward Offer: Advertise a reward for the laptop’s recovery, increasing the chances of its return.

Prevention Strategies

Let’s have a look at the prevention strategies that you must implement in case you lose the laptop.

  • Tracking Protection: Invest in robust anti-theft and tracking software like Prey.
  • Software Legality: Avoid pirated software, which can embed malware increasing vulnerability.
  • New Laptop Measures: Upon purchase, register the laptop with the manufacturer and enable tracking features.


Losing a laptop is never ideal, but quick action and thoughtful preparation can minimize the damage and potentially lead to its recovery. By securing accounts, utilizing tracking tools, and implementing preventative measures, you can increase your chances of a safe return and protect yourself from future mishaps. Remember, a proactive approach is key to mitigating the stress and financial burden associated with a lost or stolen laptop.

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