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How to Disable a Laptop’s Keyboard on Windows 11 (3 Easy Methods)

An unresponsive laptop keyboard might prevent you from doing the essential work. Disable this built-in hardware and connect an external keyboard to resolve this problem. Never use two keyboards simultaneously on the Windows 11 device, and it might cause technical issues and damage this laptop unit. Always disconnect the existing one when using another keyboard.

Moreover, sometimes a few keys might stop working. Disabling the internal keyboard might be the best solution in certain cases. A disabled keyboard will enhance the laptop’s security and restrict unauthorised users from using the device. It is even more important if you have kids at home; they might accidentally press the keys when the device is on.

If you have never disabled the keyboard, you might be wondering how to do that. Well, there are many ways to do that.

Users can either permanently or temporarily uninstall the laptop keyboard. Follow this guide to know the steps to turn off the keyboard’s functionality on Windows 11.

How to Temporarily Disable Windows 11 Laptop’s Keyboard?

Uninstalling a laptop keyboard is not that difficult. But, certain factors need to be considered before doing that. Ensure a mouse is connected to the laptop. Otherwise, you will face issues when using the device after the keyboard is disabled.

Do you use a laptop that has touchscreen support? A mouse isn’t required in these instances. And, the keyboard will be enabled automatically once the laptop restarts.

Here’s how you can disable the Windows device’s keyboard for a limited time:

Access the Start Menu

First, make sure there is enough charge in the device. Plugin the laptop into the power adapter if the battery percentage is below 20%. Then, open the Start menu and go to the search box and write “Device Manager”.

Once you find that, double-tap on it to get into the Device Manager program. Or, you can hold the Windows and I keys together to open the Settings menu and choose “Device Manager”.

Select the Device

When the Device Manager window opens, locate “Keyboard” from the device list. Double click on it and wait until the laptop keyboard’s model number displays. This keyboard name or model might vary depending on the Windows 11 laptop. Now, right-click on it, choose “Uninstall Device”, and close the Device Manager window.

Open a document and try writing anything using the keyboard to check if it is disabled. If the keyboard is still working, you might have selected an incorrect keyboard name.

Not aware of the laptop’s keyboard model? Hold the Windows and X keys together, write “msinfo32”, and click “OK”. It opens the system information window where you can check the keyboard-related information.

How to Disable the Windows 11 Laptop’s External Keyboard?

It can be assumed that you are using both the internal and external keyboard. Disable the external one to use the built-in Windows 11 laptop keyboard. Open the Device Manager tool and tap on “Keyboards” to choose the USB keyboard. It will be mostly named as “HID Keyboard Device”. But, this might differ based on the type of laptop you are using.

Now, right-click on the external keyboard’s name, and choose “Uninstall Device”. It will disable the laptop keyboard for the time being. Once you restart the device, Windows will detect the device driver and install them.

Is the keyboard not responding after the uninstallation? The chances are high that you have removed the internal keyboard instead of the external one. Repeat these steps to overcome this Windows 11 laptop error.

How to Lock the Windows 11 Laptop’s Keyboard Permanently?

Use this method if you don’t want to reinstall the keyboard after the reboot. And, you can turn off this automatic keyboard installation process in Windows 11. Open the Start Menu, move to the search box and write “Device Installation Settings”. Choose “Change Device Installation Settings” from the searched results.

Wait until the confirmation window pops up on the screen, and then choose “No”. Once done, click “Save Changes” and close the tab afterwards. Configuring the Windows 11 device installation can prevent the drivers from being installed.

Many Windows 11 laptop users were unable to use the other hardware after this. Thus, consult with an expert before implementing this permanent solution. Otherwise, you can use Windows 11’s “Sleep Mode” to disable the laptop keyboard.

How to Disable Windows 11 Laptop’s Keyboard using Group Policy?

Windows 11 users can include a policy not to install the keyboard drivers, and block the laptop from reinstalling the missing drivers when the device restarts. But, this solution might only work in Windows 11 Pro laptops. Because the older Windows version doesn’t have the Local Group Policy Editor.

Here’s how you can disable the built-in keyboard using this Windows tool:

Open Device Manager

First, hold the Windows and the R keys together and write “devmgmt.msc” when the Run box opens. Navigate to “Keyboards” when the Device Manager window pops up. Right-click on it, choose “Properties”, head towards the “Details” tab and select “Property”. Choose “Hardware Ids, go to the “Value” section and right-click on the first option.

Copy the Hardware Value

Choose “Copy”, and then re-access the Run Program and write “gpedit.msc”. Press the Enter button or click “OK” to open the “Local Group Policy Editor” window. Locate the “Computer Configuration” option, tap it to choose “Administrative Templates”. Select “System” and opt for the “Device Installation” option. Then, toggle on “Device Installation Restrictions” when the popup menu opens.

Paste the Default Keyboard ID

Double-tap on “Prevent installation of devices that match these instance IDs”. Select “Enable”, go to “Options”, and click the “Show” option. When the Show Contents window opens, paste the ID you copied before and choose “OK”.

Tap on “Apply” from the next window and choose “OK” afterwards. Open the Device Manager, choose “Keyboards”, and right-click on the “Install Device” option. Restart the Windows 11 laptop, and it will never enable the keyboard again.

Failed to Disable the Windows 11 Laptop Keyboard? Here’s How to Fix it

There are several reasons why you are having trouble disabling the keyboard. It could be because of changing the settings of an incorrect keyboard, and an outdated Windows OS can prevent you from uninstalling the keyboard.

Update the Windows OS to eliminate this problem. A damaged built-in keyboard might trigger this problem. Replace the keyboard immediately and disable it without further disruption.

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