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Fixed: Laptop Not Using GPU – 2022 Tips

Laptop Not Using GPU

A laptop stops using the pre-installed GPU for several reasons. It could be because of outdated or corrupted graphics drivers. Incorrect Windows Graphics settings can prevent the GPU from rendering high-end graphics. This issue could occur if you haven’t updated the Windows OS for a long time. And, missing system files can be the reason … Read more

How to Disable a Laptop’s Keyboard on Windows 11 (3 Easy Methods)

Disable a Laptop’s Keyboard

An unresponsive laptop keyboard might prevent you from doing the essential work. Disable this built-in hardware and connect an external keyboard to resolve this problem. Never use two keyboards simultaneously on the Windows 11 device, and it might cause technical issues and damage this laptop unit. Always disconnect the existing one when using another keyboard. … Read more

Fixed: Backlit Keyboard Not Working or Turning on in Windows 11/10

Backlit Keyboard Not Working

Backlit keyboards are among the most helpful features added to the latest laptop models. You can find them in laptops made by pretty much all the prominent manufacturers out there. On Windows systems, you can enable keyboard backlights easily by various methods. But, many PC users have reported that their backlight keyboards are not working. … Read more

White Edges And Borders Around Laptop Screen [FIXED]

White Edges And Borders Around Laptop Screen

You might face difficulty when there are white edges and borders around laptop screen. Resolve this problem immediately to do the necessary work without hassle. But, you should first figure out the reason behind these laptop problems. This is a display-related error that occurs when using a corrupted graphics card. Faulty laptop hardware might trigger … Read more