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Fixed: Backlit Keyboard Not Working or Turning on in Windows 11/10

Backlit keyboards are among the most helpful features added to the latest laptop models. You can find them in laptops made by pretty much all the prominent manufacturers out there.

On Windows systems, you can enable keyboard backlights easily by various methods. But, many PC users have reported that their backlight keyboards are not working.

There could be various reasons for the backlit keyboard not working or turning on in Windows 10/11. You must apply a solution depending on the cause that applies in your case.

Keep reading for the effective methods to fix backlit keyboard issues in most cases.

Why did the Backlit Keyboard Fail and How to Fix it?

You must ensure that your PC supports keyboard backlights before proceeding with the fixes given below. After all, not all PCs might support backlit keyboards.

Has the keyboard backlight previously worked on your PC? If yes, then you must try out the following steps to fix the issue with it:

Restart Your Device

The backlit keyboard not working or turning on in Windows 11/10 might indicate only a temporary error. In such cases, refreshing the device’s functions should provide an effective solution. So, reboot your Windows system and check whether the backlit keyboard issues persist.

Turn on the backlight of the keyboard after your PC has restarted. Use the keyboard combination for doing so if there is one.

Do you fail to turn it on again? Then, you must try out the next method to get a quick solution.

Run the Keyboard Troubleshooter 

The troubleshooter tool in Windows can help you fix any issues that arise with the keyboard. So, you must give it a try to fix the backlight problem within fairly short time. Open the Update & Recovery section in your device’s Settings. Then, click on Troubleshoot and select Keyboard on the left panel.

Opt for running the troubleshooter for the keyboard. Then, follow all the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure. The troubleshooter will diagnose the problem quickly and start fixing it immediately after that.

If it cannot do so, you must use the diagnosis report to apply an appropriate solution manually.

Make Sure the Backlight Feature is On

The keyboard backlight feature might not be enabled on your PC by default. So, you must make sure it is enabled on your device. If this feature is disabled, that explains the backlit keyboard not working or turning on in Windows 11/10.

Go to your Control Panel and open Hardware and Sound there. Then, view the Windows Mobility Center to check the backlight settings there.

Do you find the ‘Keyboard Backlighting’ feature turned off? If yes, then turn it on, and exit the Control Panel. Try to turn on your backlit keyboard to check whether it is working.

Find and Remove Third-Party Software Causing the Issue

Third-party programs installed can cause various issues with your PC. And that might also include the backlit keyboard not working or turning on in Windows 11/10.

Have you started facing the problem after downloading a specific software? Then, you must consider removing it first and see if that resolves the issue.

Does the keyboard backlight remain off after you uninstall the third-party software? If yes, then you can try removing some more third-party apps. Deleting as many of them as possible might fix the backlit keyboard in many cases.

Perform a Clean Boot

Finding the app causing the problem is not always easy. But, you can make it so by performing a clean boot to disable third-party apps. Create exceptions for specific apps to startup automatically during a clean boot. Doing this a few times should help you identify the app causing trouble.

Enable Keyboard Backlighting from BIOS

You usually would not need to access the BIOS to enable keyboard backlighting. But, if enabling this feature from the Control Panel does not help, you can try using the BIOS. You might then find the keyboard backlight working on your PC. So, navigate to the Recovery icon in your Settings and perform an Advanced Startup.

Go to the Troubleshoot section in the Advanced startup menu and open the Advanced Options. Then, click on UEFI Firmware Settings to boot your PC to the Startup menu. Press F10 to access the BIOS as instructed there.

Expand the System Configuration option in the BIOS and open the Keyboard Illumination tab.

Do you find the Keyboard Illumination disabled there? Then, enable it and access your Windows system to check on the issue.

Update or Reinstall the Keyboard Drivers

The keyboard driver is a crucial component of your PC for controlling your keyboard. And, you must keep it up-to-date to prevent keyboard issues, such as the one you are facing.

Has it been a while since you updated your device drivers? If yes, that might explain the backlit keyboard not working in your case.

Open the Device Manager and expand the Keyboard option. Right-click on the device and opt for updating its driver software. Then, restart your PC to verify the problem.

Are you already using the latest keyboard driver? If yes, then you must make sure the keyboard driver is not corrupted. Uninstall it through the Device Manager and then restart your PC. This will automatically download the latest driver again on your device.

What if the Backlit Keyboard Issue Persists?

The methods, as mentioned earlier, are quite simple yet effective in fixing backlit keyboard problems on Windows 11/10 PC. But, they might often fail to do the trick in some cases.

Are you unable to get an effective solution with the aforementioned fixes? Then, you must try rolling back your Windows update for a solution. Many users have said that this has effectively fixed the backlit keyboard issue on their devices. You can also contact a reliable laptop repair service immediately to check for hardware issues.

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